Photographer Sophie Gamand has long been known for her imaginative style of portraiture. She manages so perfectly to capture the personalities of the people, and animals, she captures on film.

Her latest series, ‘Wet Dog’ is no exception.

The series portrays various participants at their most vulnerable time – after bath time.

The description on Sophie’s website shows the reason for filming the gorgeous pups in this state.

“I chose this activity because it is a very unnatural one for the dogs, yet it is a direct consequence of their cohabitation with humans. Domesticated dogs need to be washed for hygiene, health and social reasons.

“Exposing the dogs at a vulnerable moment enabled me to capture their wide range of expressions. Poignant looks, despair, anger and even judgment can be read into their eyes. Dogs have become more than animals and have acquired a status of persona, especially in big cities like New York”.

View the adorable photos below. For more of Sophie’s work, visit her website here. 

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