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Having launched their very successful new fragrance, Bon Bon, to the world this year, this talented duo always take the consumer on a ride with surprising results.

This collection was no different.

Bike shorts and leggings, some with track suit stripes down the side, the splashes of colour and explosion of different silhouettes in this gym-inspired collection made for quite a different take on getting ready for summer.

Shown at the Résidence des Pays-Bas, models cascaded down a very long staircase and walked though rooms to different versions of Olivia Newton-John’s Physical. As the collection sped along so did the music.

Cameras at the show were also focused on one particular audience member sitting in the main salon opposite the American Vogue contingent, Paris Fashion Week favourite, Olivia Palermo.

Fun and frivolity were in full swing as the collection made for a fun party showcase, at one stage the bank of photographers cheer as certain models turn the corner.

But amongst the new look workout gear with ruched tops, some asymmetrical, in not so traditional floral prints of yellow and blue, it was perhaps the very simple white cutout cross strapped tank top that was the stand out.

The sleek, chic look saw models with simple pulled back hair, and clean make up, all presenting ready for the gym. As Olivia sang Lets get Physical!

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