Urban treehouse: 150 trees combat noise and pollution

An architect in Italy has a beautiful vision for how people and nature can live side by side even in an urban landscape.

Luciano Pia, is the genius behind 25 Verde, an apartment complex he designed in Turin, Italy.

The 5 story building weaves a mix of lush green trees and steel girders that creates what looks like a giant urban tree-house.

In fact the entire complex features over 150 deciduous trees, which lose their leaves in the winter, allowing light to filter in to the building during the darker months.

Ponds in the courtyard provide residents with a refreshing place to relax in the summer.

The building helps keep the city’s air cleaner and isolates the residents from the urban sounds and smells surrounding them.

Every step in the building’s design was taken with natural integration in mind. The organic and asymmetric shape of its terraces allow potted trees to “sprout” out from the building at random intervals.

Completed in 2012, the urban treehouse building is located at Via Chabrera 25 in Turin, Italy – it is even visible on Google maps!

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