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The skinny jean trend seems a distant memory with the revival of its more bold predecessor – wide leg pants. The nostalgic trend worn effortlessly by past style icons such as Katherine Hepburn and Nan Kempner has made its way onto the racks of NZ Designers current season collections.

The voluminous silhouette is swooping its way into editorials, including our current A/W 16 issue of STYLE, with NZ designers such as Lucilla Gray’s “Yugen Pleated” trousers and TK’s “Coco” pants making an appearance. And there’s no doubt this will become one of your must-have wardrobe pieces for the season. The range of wide leg bottoms is diverse: from bold, boxy shapes to a more streamlined contour – perfect for any body type.

Here are 12 of our favourite wide leg pants, plus how to wear them this season.

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