Top 10 Winter fashion trends

Bolts of colour – Brighten up your winter wardrobe with bright colour – red (like Zambesi, see gallery), orange or emerald green.

Capes – Caped coats remain popular for winter 2014. Almost every designer has produced one. We love the zipped version by Company of Strangers (see gallery, and Kate Sylvester’s cape in chocolate and caramel checks (see gallery).

Waisted – Celebrate your curves and don’t be afraid to cinch in the waist if this is flattering for your form. Many styles this winter have been cut and sewn to accentuate the waist, however a belt also does the job.

Statement pants – Skinny cut pants, or trousers if you prefer, in bold prints including florals and polka dots, and vegetarian in the case of Gorman (see gallery are still popular.

Urban punk – Toughen up your look with a dash of punk. Designers who’ve executed this trend well include Louis Vuitton (see gallery) and Stolen Girlfriends Club. Witchery’s studded cuffs are an easy way to inject some punk attitude into your wardrobe.

Houndstooth – Also known as dogstooth. Houndstooth has swung in and out of favour since the late 19th Century, most recently in the late 1980s, until now that is because it’s back. We love this Ricochet houndstooth jacket.

Beautiful brocade – Brocade has been associated with eveningwear since the mid-19th Century but this winter that’s all changed. Examples include WORLD’s matching blazer and skirt in brocade while Vaughan Geeson has paired a silver brocade skirt with a vibrant polka dot knit. It’s now okay to wear brocade during the day as well as night.

Oversized – If you are investing in a coat think oversized and curved or cocooned lines like this Max Mara jacket (see gallery). Texture is also in so why not combine the two.

Bomber jacket – Inject a youthful vibe into your wardrobe with a bomber jacket but pair it with a skirt instead of pants for a different look. Skirts are, after all, are back in vogue too. Bomber jacket styles we love best include this Sylvester jacket in gold glitter (see gallery) and Ruby’s ‘Dusk’ bomber in dusky pink.

Matched up – It’s still wildly fashionable to wear a matching blazer in the same bold print as your skinny pants. Great examples are Ted Baker and Andrea Moore this season. However, the silhouette is loosening up too, as demonstrated here by Kowtow

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