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The Cruffin and other weird and wonderful food hybrids

The Cruffin and other weird and wonderful food hybrids

Charles de Gaulle historically declared that he couldn’t possibly govern a country that had 246 varieties of cheese.

Imagine his frustration if he had to navigate through today’s competing pastry hybrids – some more ludicrous than the next!

We know Dominque Ansell, the New York based French chef is responsible for brining the world the ‘cronut’ – a croissant, doughnut hybrid – but it seems he opened the floodgates to a whole raft of mixed food offsprings.

Crookies (croissant and cookies), townies (tart and brownie), duffins (doughnut and muffin), the formula is easy enough. Take two delicious pastry/food inventions, mash them together, give it a blended name of it’s pastry predecessors and voila, you’ve got yourself a crowd-making dessert or treat.

The latest addition to the food hybrid family is the cruffin – a croissant muffin -launched at a Soho cafe in London.

Think a flaky croissant texture baked, not fried, in a muffin tin mould with a spiral of toppings escaping throughout.

The news led us in search of other weird and wonderful hybrid foods making a statement across the world. Take a look:

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