The Best Street Style from Paris Fashion Week

Spring skincare series: Makeover your make-up

We’re all guilty of playing it safe with make-up every now and then; but there’s no time quite like spring to overhaul your beauty routine by introducing a pop of colour and trying something a little different. But before you rush out to your nearest beauty counter to stock up on new products, it’s a wise idea to assess your current make-up situation.

Start by arranging your make-up into groups determined by how often you use to products. Bin anything that’s past it’s best before date – you can find out how long you can safely use make-up for here – and get rid of products that have been placed in your “never-use” pile. Now is the ideal time to clear out any regrettable purchases that you’re never going to use. Once you’ve worked out what’s missing in your make-up bag or is in need of an upgrade, check out our favourite spring beauties in the gallery below.

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