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Te Papa: New Zealand Photography Collected

Te Papa: New Zealand Photography Collected

The incredible beauty and vibrancy of New Zealand has been captured in the new book New Zealand Photogaphy Collected.

The collection features 400 eye-opening photographs from the national collection at Te Papa. 

The pages have been expertly curated by Athol McCredie from Te Papa and were painstakingly chosen based on their represetation of New Zealand.

He searched the archives for photographs and images that best captured the true spirit and rich cultural history of New Zealand.

“Like most curators, I had to do a lot of balancing: of picking well-known photographs that people would expect to see, but tempering these with lesser-known images. I would quite liked to have selected entirely unknown images, but I came to realise that we all like to see old favourites, and these tend to be favourites for good reasons,” he told Lost at E Minor.

“I think that photographs have great potential in offering a different way of telling from words; but we need to accept that photographs are made within quite defined genres. You will find plenty of snapshots of people on holiday from the 1920s, for example, but almost none of something as everyday as people having breakfast at home in the same period. Photographs only record quite a narrow range of what happens in the world, so its hard to use it to sum up a country. But what is interesting is to think about how proscribed and ritualistic photography is, because this goes against our assumptions about the medium.”

New Zealand Photography Collected is out November 15, but you can pre-order a copy from the website now.

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