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“Summer can be hard on hair because we’re outside a lot; there’s the sea, sun, wind and chlorinated pools to think about,” says Richard Kavanagh, global creative director of Rodney Wayne. “You need to have your hair cut and coloured more regularly. Colour is going to fade quicker and the ends are going to fray and get drier,” says Kavanagh. He suggests ramping up your salon visits pre- and post-beach season to keep hair lustrous and healthy. “If your winter regime is a salon visit every six to eight weeks, aim for every five to six weeks throughout the summer months.”


The warmer months wreak enough havoc on tresses without throwing heated styling tools into the equation. “Give your hair a break and put the tools down,” Kavanagh suggests. Beach waves and sea-salt sprays are nothing new, yet Kavanagh’s seeing a growing trend towards natural styling. To create waves without using appliances, wrap slightly damp hair into a bun before you go to bed.


According to Kavanagh, adopting a summer hair-care regime is just as important as your skincare regime.“If you’re going to colour your hair and change your cut, you need to look after it,” Kavanagh says. Locks that are coloured frequently or are naturally dry need extra attention. “You need to use a weekly deep conditioning mask or be in the salon every couple of weeks getting a prescription treatment.”


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