Satisfying arrangements of everyday objects that are strangely soothing for the soul

Are you the kind of person who gets the urge to straighten things in other people’s homes? Do you feel the need to group things in colours, shapes and sizes? Then you may find the following images soothing for the soul.

A photographer from Austin, Texas, Emily Blincoe, creates beautiful, colourful and soothing photos of everyday objects by arranging them into neat and orderly collections based on size, shape and color.

The simple and beautiful patterns in her images are profoundly calming, and they also show that beautiful art can be made from just about anything!

Just the thing we need as we wind down for the weekend!

Dubai’s floating, partially submerged ‘seahorse’ homes are out of this world

Dubai is world renowned for its extravagant development project.

From man-made islands, the highest man-made towers, indoor ski resorts to rotating skyscrapers and miracle gardens.

But it’s newest project “The Floating Seahorse,” blows the others out of the park.

Floating homes half submerged underwater utilise the best of both water views.

The developers behind the futuristic project Group revealed the visually stunning dwellings at the Dubai International Boat Show in March this year.

They aim to build 42 of the structures, which are essentially boats without the propulsion, and plan to have them completed by the end of 2016.

The floating properties were designed and engineered to be part of “The World,” Dubai’s large artificial island project.

The buoyant structures will have three levels: an upper deck, a main floor at sea level, and an underwater level. The master bedroom and bathroom will be completely submerged, with panoramic underwater views.

According to the developers, the name of the project is connected to protecting sea life in the Arabian Gulf: “We will create an artificial coral reef beneath the luxury retreats which will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed,” the company said.

As of this month, 35 of the 42 units had already been sold, according to Gulf News.

Considering the average summer temperature in Dubai is 104 degrees, living underwater sounds like a solid plan.

See the amazing prototype images below:

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