What is trending in kitchen and bathroom fittings?

Kitchens are an integral part of the aesthetic of the whole home. People want a kitchen that reflects who they are, and fittings that demonstrate their appreciation for product design.

Inside and outside spaces are integrating so we are seeing outdoor kitchens replacing the traditional barbecue. This exposure to the elements introduces a new need for appropriate fittings, with uncoated brass, exterior-quality chrome and stainless steel being the durable finishes for outdoor hardware.

In bathrooms, tiles in exciting colours are trending, so taps and shower fittings need to be dramatic and detailed to stand out as features.


Tell us about the latest technology for kitchen and bathroom fittings.

Simplicity is returning to the kitchen as homeowners are frustrated with over-complicated appliances. The call is to keep it simple but beautifully designed and made. Tapware that can dispense boiling and sparkling water is popular but the maintenance needs to be taken into consideration.


What excites you the most in the industry today and why?

After more than 20 years in the industry I’m excited about the growing appreciation for good product design. People have become familiar with technology in every aspect of our lives and lifestyle television has introduced new aspects of design, while the internet allows us to research and purchase any product. Younger people tend to have fewer possessions but of a higher quality.


How do you update a tired-looking bathroom?

If the project does not warrant a full renovation then give everything a good clean and repaint woodwork. Re-grout tiles and replace silicone. Install LED lighting, which is more attractive and energy efficient and better illuminates a room. If needed, fit new accessories of the best quality you can afford. Shiny new towel rails, new towels and a super luxurious bath mat will give the room a lift.

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