Jeanne Bertenshaw, Co-owner of Matisse
Jeanne Bertenshaw, Co-owner of Matisse


Were there any particular colours or trends that you found different at the Milan fair from last year?

This year it was not so much about what was different but an extension of the trends form last year. We saw more gold, copper and bronze, and a lot more marble and natural timbers. The use of many different colours was best demonstrated by Vitra’s installation by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius.

Who, in your opinion, is the designer who show most creativity?

It is difficult to select just one designer out of all the great designers but if I have to choose I would have to say Patricia Urquiola. Her designs could be seen everywhere: kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor furniture, lighting, wooden floors, tiles…her designs are endless. It was hard to go anywhere without coming across something new from Patricia. The stand she designed for Cassina was a real showstopper – people queued for hours to get a chance to see it. Her new sofa “Beam” for Cassina was a huge hit at the show.

What was the most interesting thing for you at this year’s fair?

There was too many to mention but in particular the ability of some of the manufacturers to make really large and very slim minimal tables reaching up to and over four metres long. The “Tense’ table by MDF Italia was my favourite , made with either a stone or natural timber top or completely finished in brass. It is magnificent!

What must-have piece are you excited about bringing back to your store?

The limited-edition “Grande Papilio 50” chair by Naoto Fukasawa for B&B Italia. This design is manufactured in only 50 numbered copies to celebrate B&B’s 50th anniversary. I also loved B&B’s “Tabour” ottomans.

See our gallery below for more of the hottest designs straight from the Milan fair.


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