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Anyone who’s had the misfortune of a terrible haircut can probably recall the most minute details of the experience in a fastidious fashion. For Rodney Wayne creative director Richard Kavanagh this is a way of thinking he’s keen to change. “People always talk about having bad hair days and how terrible they feel when their hair’s not good – but a great hair day can make you feel amazing,” he says.

It’s part of the reason Kavanagh and the Rodney Wayne team want to remind everyone to sit back, switch off and treat a visit to the salon as a ritual rather than routine. “A trip to the hairdressers is much more than a get-that-job- out-of-the-way experience, it’s an opportunity to reward yourself. If you take the time to enjoy the pampering and the opportunity to look your best, feeling good about yourself can rub off on the people around you.”

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