Off the Runway: Chanel Cruise Collection 2016

Since we weren’t unfortunately included in the¬†¬†700 or so people, including¬†Tilda Swinton and Gisele Bundchen,¬†that Karl Lagerfeld whisked away to Cuba to attend the Chanel Cruise collection, we’ve done the next best thing: rounded up our favourite looks from the show.

Deadly Ponies release new collection

Deadly Ponies have looked to heavens in the creation of their newest season, Rust.¬†Inspired by astrology and the romanticism of ancient mythologies, the luxury¬†accessories label presents a fiery, brilliant collection.¬†Beloved classics, Mr¬†Fill N Zip Twist, Mr Mini Chain Mail, and Mr Siamese have been lovingly adorned¬†with hand-appliqued gemstones, to create a dramatic night sky effect. ‚ÄúI love the¬†contrast this season- the gems imbue a delicacy and fantastical element to the¬†collection, which is balanced by the robust charm of the leather knots,‚ÄĚ says Deadly Ponies creative director, Liam Bowden.

You can shop the Rust collection in-store and online now.