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As your skin changes with the season, your foundation should change, too. Once the warmer months arrive you need to look for longevity, says New York M.A.C senior artist Michelle Clark. “You want to put on foundation and know it’s going to last. Don’t be afraid to mix and match formulas to create something for your skin.” Clark believes it’s important for skin to breathe when things start to heat up and swears by M.A.C Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact. “It’s the best touch-up product for someone who is oily, who doesn’t want to keep putting powder on and who wants to look like they have healthy, glowing skin without it being heavy. It stays on without looking cakey.”


Try: M.A.C Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact ($75); Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Foundation ($69); and Guerlain Lingerie de Peau ($99) are perfect formulations for warm spring days sultry summer evenings.


Clark says that sometimes all we need to do is mix up the way we think about using product. “Nothing has to go over the entire face. Primer doesn’t have to go all over, concealer doesn’t have to go all over; use it when you need it based on what you’re trying to do,” she says. According to Clark, it’s all about paring back and using products that work with your skin type. “You’ll get a more effective finish if you can pinpoint your needs and get products that can do that,” she says.


Try: These little beauties don’t have to be applied to the entire face to work their magic: Bobbi Brown Retouching Face Pencil ($60) and Wand ($76); Dior Flash Luminizer ($80); Estée Lauder Priming Moisture Balm ($69 available at Farmers).


Clark says it’s also the season we see orange hues. “It’s the one colour most women are terrified of. But when you’ve got a bit of sun on your skin, people are okay with trying it.” It’s not just orange that we turn to – over spring and summer people are more open to colour in general. “It’s usually a neutral eye shadow and bold lips, so there’s just a pop of colour,” she explains. Clark is eager to remind everyone that make-up is supposed to be fun. “Fun can be a little uncomfortable at first, but then you get comfortable with trying new things. That’s the best part of beauty: you can reinvent yourself.”


Try: M.A.C Retro Matte in Mango Mango ($50); Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder limited-edition Eye Metals Eyeshadow in Charred Emerald ($90); Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Cressida ($50).


“I’m putting our new lipsticks on my eyes before my eyeshadow. You don’t need much, but it gives eye make-up this incredible shine that eyeshadow can’t,” Clark says, explaining that creamy formulas – lipsticks and blushes included – are great for eyes. “Anything creamy is great for layering; you can build a haze of colour without making it look too intense.” Clark believes we’re getting more experimental with make-up application. “Take a blush and use it as an eyeshadow. Quite often what you’re looking for is in your make-up bag already.”


Try: Get creative by playing with these formulas and using them however you please: Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Bold Illuminating Liquid Highlighter ($49); M.A.C Star Trek Lipstick in LLAP ($44); ILIA Lip Crayon in Iko Iko ($42).

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