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Mum creates cool superhero hearing aids

Mum creates cool superhero hearing aids

Every mother wants to protect her child, and Sarah Ivermee whose son Freddie is hearing impaired is no exception. The very inventive UK mum created a series of hearing aid and cochlear implant decorations to make deaf children like Freddie feel proud of their hearing aids.

Ivermee is hoping her very cool devices called Lugs will encourage children to wear them. Many kids are embarrassed of their hearing devices, fearing they’ll be teased or excluded by other children.

The idea for Lugs came about after a friend of Ivermee’s told her that her daughter was refusing to don her hearing aid. The initial concept was simply decorating aids with nail stickers, which the little girl liked and wore. Once Ivermee saw how successful her idea was she went a step further designing the bright hearing aids that would even hearing children would covet.

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