Max winter 2015

Glorious grey, warm brown, royal navy and beautiful black are brought together by Max to create a gorgeous capsule wardrobe that will see you stylishly right this winter for work and play.

NJAL 100

The world’s pioneers in global design are being brought together by NJAL’s Origin Passion and Beliefs (OPB) project in collaboration with Fiera Di Vicenza.

The OPB trade fair will bring together 100 of Italy’s most distinguished manufacturers and suppliers with 100 of NJAL’s innovative emerging fashion talent from five countries.

The second annual OPB is being held in Vicenza (known for its weaving, fine leather goods, jewellery and textiles), Italy from May 15 to 18.

Here are 21 of the 100 designers from NJAL (Not Just A Label) who have been selected to be part of OPB this year. NJAL is the world’s largest online designer community that supports emerging designers.