Love Denim

We’re in love with Love Denim by FDJ (French Dressing Jeans). The jeans feature 360 degree (four-way) stretch (35 per cent lycra) and engineered “Hold-You-In” technology offering the perfect balance between sexiness, support and comfort.

They come in three styles, each named after Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton-John and Suzanne Somers.

The Kylie straight fit is designed for women with straighter hips and less curve.

The Olivia curvy fit is for women with a defined waist and more pronounced curves.

The Suzanne style is for all women, including those in need of a longer rise.

All three styles flatten the tummy and lift the behind, and come in indigo and black.

Stockists: (NZ) 0508 522522

Filigree Fine Jewels

Filigree Fine Jewels combine beautiful design and expert craftsmanship when creating their luxury diamond collections and everyday contemporary pieces that are made to last and treasure. The design-based New Zealand jewellery workshop and retail space specialises in modern handmade jewellery with a classic overtone.