Look inside the world’s new cliff-hugging museum

The lauded architect Zaha Hadid has created a fitting museum for renowned climber Reinhold Messner, at the precipice of Italian Alpine peak, Mount Kronplatz.  At 2,275 metres above sea level, the museum offers  “unique views of the big walls of the Dolomites and the Alps”, according to its website. It includes underground galleries, a breathtaking viewing platform cantilevered over a valley, staircases like waterfalls and an entrance through caves. 

The use of glass-reinforced fibre concrete gives the building’s exterior a pale grey tone, while inside the panels are dark matching the lustre of anthracite coal that is buried below.

Messner issued a statement expressing his joy and approval with the stunning building, “The museum is a mirror of the world of my childhood – the Geislerspitzen, the central buttress of the Heiligkreuzkofel (the most difficult climb in my whole life) and the glaciated granite mountains of the Ahrn Valley,” 

Stunning minimalist views of urban buildings

Johan Tägtström is a Swedish architectural building engineer and phenomenal hobby photographer. He is inspired to snap interesting buildings from his minimalist perspective when his company takes three-day field trips to growing urban areas. What an eye!

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