Karlie Kloss is the New Face of TOPSHOP

Eight years after first modelling for TOPSHOP, model Karlie Kloss is fronting the brand’s new Spring/Summer campaign. The stunning 23-year-old model, entrepreneur, student,
philanthropist, coder, fitness guru and foodie shares some words of inspiration to celebrate the announcement.


 “It’s nice to have something to focus on outside of fashion now and then. I went back to school this year – studying a writing class at New York University. It’s refreshing to challenge yourself and learn in a new way.”

 “I’m curious about how things work. That’s why I’ve been learning how to code. I started thinking, why does my phone work? How I can press a button and share something with the rest of the world? Coding is effectively the language that communicates with the computer. It’s the language of the future.”


“I think it’s incredibly important for girls to learn how to code. I started Kode with Karlie to empower other young women like myself, to encourage them to recognise that it can be something they can find interesting and that it can get them ahead in their career.”

“I’m so inspired by the strong, powerful women that I get to interact with. So many of the great people in the fashion industry are women, and I grew up in a house of women who are so unique and independent thinking. Everyone needs girl power in their life.”


“I grew up in Mid-West America with not always the healthiest food, but in the past few years I’ve got into cooking with cleaner, fresher ingredients. If you use fresh ingredients that are in season, you don’t even have to do much cooking.”


“I need the release of exercise. I spend so much time in a studio or on an airplane, so it helps me physically and mentally stay sharp. I used to hate running – I couldn’t breathe. So to get over that I started training for a half marathon! I’m a bit extreme like that.”


 “I have to motivate myself to train. I’m human! Especially when it’s cold and miserable in January. But you’ve got to put your gym clothes on and just get there. Do enough to break a sweat and it’ll change your energy for the entire day.”


“I’m so close to my three sisters. When we’re all back home in St Louis it’s just loud! There’s lots of food, lots of laughing, lots of cooking. There’s nothing I love more than going home – surrounded by love.”


 “I think it’s a great trend; girls supporting girls. Girl support whether that’s sister to sister or friend to friend, I think girls supporting and pulling one another up and supporting each other is a much better trend than girls pulling one another down.”


“If you want to be successful, just dive in. Find something you really enjoy, that you’re really passionate about and go full speed ahead. If you’re truly passionate about something and put the hard work in, then success is inevitable.”


 “One of my first modelling jobs was my TOPSHOP campaign eight years ago. My grandmother brought me over from St Louis. I was young and shy and super nervous to be on set of TOPSHOP. Luckily I was shooting with Jourdan Dunn and we became overnight best friends. I think she had me in stitches the whole time we were shooting.”

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