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It’s A Penguins Life

It’s A Penguins Life

In the early 20th century, penguins were prized for their blubber and as such, were hunted to near extinction. Since then, the world has realised the incredible beauty and importance of this amazing species and enacted conservation measures to protect and ensure the survival of these creatures.

Whilst the cold icy winds of the arctic come to mind when one imagines penguins, the species can actually exist in various ecosystems across the globe.

One such environment is Macquarie Island, a small slice of land covering about 10 km. Situated about 4000km south of Australia, the island plays host to four species of penguins, including approximately 850,000 royal penguins and 100,000 breeding pairs of king penguins – the third largest such colony in the world.

As this island is incredibly isolated, the island’s only occupants are animals, free from the burden of human contact and contamination.

They are free to exist in their natural habitat without the threat of human interference, a very rare experience for any animal.

Pretty special isn’t it?


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