House with rotating rooms in Tehran

With a push of a button, rooms can rotate up to 90 degrees in an extraordinary house in Tehran. 

Sharifi-ha House in Darrous, Iran boasts seven floors, wide open spaces and a swimming pool.

The rotatable rooms on the first and third floor allow for a transformation of space for a range of purposes, perhaps entertaining guests or completely redesigning the interior. It’s also practical during the change of seasons, and adjusts itself according to the weather.

A house like this would be perfect in avoiding the harsh Australian weather. However it will surely only increase the prices of already unaffordable house prices.

See amazing images of Sharifi-ha House below.





Introducing Bianca Lorenne

Fashioned by skilled artisans, with influences drawn from different centuries, cultures and traditions, this handcrafted couture range of bed linen and home textiles created by Bianca Lorenne is embellished with exquisite adornments. We love the refined colour palette too.

Established in 2005 to fulfil a passion, Bianca Lorenne went about creating gorgeous bed linen and all things beautiful. Named after the owners daughters, Bianca and Lauren, this family-owned business started from home and is now distributed throughout New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Suitable in both the classic and contemporary home, these exclusive limited editions are designed in house and released every six months. This latest collection, Libretto, was inspired by the classical ballet Swan Lake.

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