Gorgeous design for tiny spaces

In a world where space comes at a premium, more and more people are looking to smart design to get the most from our tiny homes.

One such company, YO! Home, is tackling this issue by creating stunning answers to studio living. Their ethos? People shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality of living and excellent design just because their space is smaller than the average apartment.

“The trend seems to be smaller places more thoughtfully engineered,” says Sydney-based Karen McCartney, author of Superhouse. “Size is not always the goal. Architects are able to [do] things that the ordinary person can’t imagine, changing the way that space can be used.”

The new Yo!Home studio can transform into four different room configurations. Offering occupants the ability to transform their space into a design minded, beautiful location, Yo! Home is just one of many design firms offering buyers a way to “make the minuscule beautiful and the tiny practical.”

These incredible designs will provide clever solutions to small spaces you never dreamed could exist.

Would you like to live in a space like this?

In Residence: Bathroom trends

Trending away from bulky cabinetry and unnecessary bathroom clutter, today’s bathrooms are spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation – of mind and body. A bathroom vanity incorporating a Hawthorn Hill basin stand from In Residence speaks of European elegance and timeless style, while affording your bathroom wonderful space and light. A bespoke basin stand vanity with a marble or granite top and beautiful vanity bowls by Perrin & Rowe can be the centerpiece of your dream bathroom. This vanity provides plentiful bench space and essential toiletries are close at hand in a mirrored wall-mounted cupboard. An open shelf on the basin stand is an option for additional storage.

Handcrafted in England, Hawthorn Hill basin stands and towel warmers come in a range of styles and can be customised to suit the individual requirements of your project. They are engineered from premium brass, hand-finished and electroplated in a range of finishes to complement Perrin & Rowe tapware and accessories.

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