Volker and Christa Kraft have been decorating their apple tree with 10,000 lovingly hand-painted hen’s eggs since 1965.

The German pensioners say the adorn the tree annually every Easter for their children and grandchildren.

After seeing a lilac tree decorated with eggs when he was a child, Volker’s dream was to have his own egg-decorated tree. By 2013 the couple had over 10,000 hand crafted eggs hanging on the tree.

What started out as some fun and entertainment for their family quickly became a tourist attraction, with thousands of tourists descending on the Kraft’s family garden to catch a glimpse of the colourful tree.

Decorating bushes and tree with Easter eggs is part of a common tradition and custom for those living in Germany and Austria. But the kraft’s are the only family so far that have gone to such an extreme for over 5 decades.

We think it’s a lovely idea and one that anyone can consider enjoying this Easter holiday.

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