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Five Incredible UNESCO Sites You May Never Have Heard Of

Virtually untouched by humans, the Aldabra Atoll consists of four islets around a large shallow lagoon, encircled by coral reefs. The raised coral is the largest of its kind.

A multi-level system of 16 lakes spills into waterfalls and pools in Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park. The lakes are known for their distinctive colors, which can be turquoise, green or blue.

The largest beech forest in East Asia, the untouched beech forest has very few visitors, partly due to permit requirements and lack of man-made facilities.

Not yet discovered by the masses, Socotra has pristine white coastal dunes that are constantly reshaped by wind during the monsoon and unique plant life in the form of the dragon blood tree.

Sailing Greenland's Ilulissat Icefjord offers spectacular views of a calving glacier as it cascades into the fjord.

Five Incredible UNESCO Sites You May Never Have Heard Of

The Sydney Opera House and Grand Canyon are among the best known of almost 200 natural sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Although just as spectacular, many more remain unknown or obscure to large percentage of travellers. Here are five incredible UNESCO sites you might not know exist. 

Five Incredible UNESCO Sites You May Never Have Heard Of


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