Distress your own jeans

As denim initiatives go we’re in love with Andrea Moore’s just launched Earn Your Denim Campaign.

Her new range of denim is designed to “celebrate the story that your denim tells as you live in it”. In other words the wearer earns the wear and tear on their jeans. This is because when Moore first began designing her denim range and looking into factories who could distress their denim she discovered one of the horrible truths about the denim trade.

“There are whole towns that are devoted to distressing denim, and with the caustic chemicals used to distress the denim, and the materials used to sandblast denim into worn perfection, the impact on both the environment and the workers’ health is disastrous,” says Moore.

Hence, Moore’s decision to produce her new range in “Virgin” denim. The jeans come in two cuts ‘Running Horse Skinnies’ and ‘High Riders’.

Rainwear reinvented

Finding a fashionable as well as functional raincoat is surprisingly difficult, which is what motivated Candice Upperton and Olivia Mann to launch their new boutique rainwear label Halcyon Day.

Upperton recalls her epiphany after holidaying in Queenstown where it rained for a whole week and she had to wear a technical parka, which while it was a good one, it wasn’t “styley”. It got her thinking and she began searching for a fashionable raincoat but she couldn’t find one! Upon mentioning this to Mann, the pair decided “why not to try and make one?”

The result is their debut line of chic, 100 per cent waterproof rainwear produced in classic as well as fresh and fun colours.

Halcyon Day’s debut collection, Matryoshka, is inspired by the layering and vibrancy of Russian dolls, exploring how everything in nature is designed in layers to work in perfect harmony together.

Styles include a sporty luxe ‘Dakota’ jacket in black, and yellow; the ‘Blake’ trench which is the duo describe as a modern take on the classic trench; and ‘Delevingne’ cape with a swing coat style. Features include over-sized hoods, edgy chevron print lining, seam sealing, 100 per cent waterproof fabric, and all made in New Zealand.

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