Kouzina Appliances provide cutting edge design with advanced technology, bringing modern, beautiful design to everyday homes. With the advent of steam ovens, home cooking has been revolutionised.  Now you can create any dish perfectly, with smart, steam technology.

“Why do I need an oven that can do nothing more than make broccoli?” That’s the common misconception about steam cooking – that it’s for cooking vegetables, period. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you only used the Steam Mode of your convection steam oven, you could do far more than just cook vegetables. Combine steam with other modes, and you can cook literally anything.


Harness the power of a professional deck oven, like the ones used in artisan bread bakeries, in your home kitchen. The glossy, crackled and crazed finish to great breads, the sheen on perfectly fluffy pastry – these are hard if not impossible to achieve in a standard oven. Many home bakers strive for these delicious results, only to fall short with drab loaves of bread and dull pastries.

Steam is the critical element in the baking process of breads and pastries. Baking bread withs team will produce the kind of loaves, rolls and pastries that you’ve always dreamed of.


This is the “it takes over and magic happens” mode. Simply tell it the type of food you are putting in the oven – anything from a soufflé to a freshly made pizza to a few sweet potato wedges. After you make your choice from fourteen categories of food, the oven’s climate sensor detects the volume, shape and consistency and adjusts time, temperature and humidity for guesswork-free, delicious results. The Gourmet Mode is perfect for nearly any food.

Click here for a perfect-every-time pizza recipe


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