Australian photographer William Patino stumbled across photography later in life, when an unfortunate circumstance lead him to stumble upon a new found talent.

Patino and his wife had booked a trip to Europe but fears were growing over the state of William’s mental health. Depression had overtaken William’s ability to think and feel the way he used to and the plans were nearly called off. When the couple eventually departed, it was his wife’s new DSLR camera that provided the catalyst for his therapeutic journey to better health.

Patino has travelled all around the world and taken breathtaking images of places far and wide, but Queenstown New Zealand left a new kind of impression on him.

“As a landscape photographer, it really doesn’t get much better. Considering it is so close to home, NZ really feels like worlds away. It blows my mind that in one day you can be by the ocean at sunrise, in a moss lined forest by mid morning, isolated on a snow capped mountain in the afternoon and then hanging with your friends in a cozy pub for dinner”.

“Although early winter morning conditions can be uncomfortable, there’s nothing like the sound of crisp ice crunching underfoot and the sensation of fresh alpine air entering your lungs. Shooting pre-dawn in minus zero temperatures is almost like a love-hate relationship where no matter how brutal it can be, you just can’t help but keep coming back for more”.

For more information of William and his work visit his website. 

View our amazing gallery of William Patino’s Queenstown series below.

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