Are brooches making a comeback?

Brooches are a really quite underrated fashion accessory. Think about it, when did you last see someone wear one? Julie Bishop, Australia’s Foreign Minister comes to mind, and it must be said that her brooch game is very strong indeed. However judging by what we saw on the catwalks at Milan Fashion Week, we’re finally going to see some more brooches on non-politicians too.

Prada featured beautiful, sculptural flower brooches that looked like they were blooming from the models’ shoulders. Meanwhile at Les Copains dazzled insects in brooch form featured heavily throughout the show.

Not quite ready to part with your hard-earned on a designer brooch just yet? Start scouring vintage shops, markets and, erm, your mother’s jewellery box (with permission!) to find a brooch that suits you. And don’t just stick it on the lapel of your jacket, there aren’t any rules when it comes to brooches. Other than that sparkly is always a plus.

Fun fashion

As Kate Spade’s slogan spells, it’s time to ‘Mix It Up’. Popular culture retro style in the guise of ghetto blasters, graffiti, robots, telephones, street signs and slogans are set to inject both fun and colour into autumn/winter 2015 accessories.

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