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#AnythingGoes as woman live tweets birth on social media

#AnythingGoes as woman live tweets birth on social media


We’re used to seeing people share their amazing travels, meals and life via social media, through images and tweets, but never have we seen someone share quite as much as Ruth Lorio.

The author of Girl Undressed and blogger of The World Breaks Everyone took to social media to post her candid experiences of childbirth and labour… LIVE.

Mrs Lorio took to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to give a blow-by-blow account of her fun pushing out a baby into the world, as-it-happened.

It’s worlds apart from the perfect, glamorous images that you’d expect to see on social media, Lorio’s gory images include blood, guts and nudity.

So why on earth would she want to share such vulnerable, intense personal moments online?

According to the author, she wanted to show the advantages of a home birth as well as helping to empower other women to feel comfortable with choosing to birth at home.

In 2010, Rachel Ince from the UK, similarly sent over 110 live tweets during her labor period. Now with well over 400 followers, readers are sure to have a very visual picture of Mrs Rachael Ince, including that of her placenta, which failed to detach. 

While we applaud these enterprising women for throwing the curtain off of childbirth, is some information better left private, that is, between you and your family? 

What do you think? Is this overusing social media? It seems #Anything Goes but is this going one step too far? share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. 

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