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Gucci has been the talk of the town ever since Alessandro Michele took over as creative director in early 2015. The long-haired, bearded designer is responsible for re-shaping the brand and giving us fashion lovers a whole new Gucci “It” girl. But what does this woman look like? Some would say she’s the retro girl next door; she’s a little geeky with all the smarts in the world. She’s a time traveller, perhaps? All we know is she looks good doing it. It’s a far cry from the moody collections Gucci was known for prior to Michele’s appointment.

The man in charge of the collection’s revamp of the quirky, embellished, almost ethereal aesthetic is once again on the tip of every fashionista and editor’s lips. It seems everything Michele touches turns to gold. With the rising success of the famous brand, it didn’t take long for Gucci to team up with luxury e-commerce site Net-A-Porter to create a 20-piece, one-off capsule collection. This partnership is a first for Gucci but, with the brand already in Net-A-Porter’s top three best sellers, it was a natural fit.

The exclusive custom-made collection is a toned down version of Michele’s eclectic and vibrant Gucci we fell in love with earlier this year. It features decadent floral prints along with new interpretations of Gucci classic pieces such as the recognisable Dionysus shoulder bag and Ace sneakers – all ready-to-wear items that are sure to have fans of the brand in a frenzy. “Our customers can’t seem to get enough of Gucci,” says Alison Loehnis, president of Net-A-Porter.

So, to help celebrate the release of Gucci’s new collection with Net-A-Porter, here are our top 10 must-have pieces from the capsule to help you feel every bit the Gucci “It” girl this season.

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