Forme Spa facial

By Milly Nolan

After only one treatment, my face has that glow-from-within look about it, MiNDFOOD reports.

Move over, wrinkles and fine lines. The latest trend in the beauty industry is bright, luminous and clear skin – the kind that is even in tone and without a blemish in sight. You know the type of skin that appears to glow from within? The kind that people feel compelled to compliment?

In search of this kind of radiance, I trotted off to Formé Spa in Auckland, where I was treated to a one-hour facial that included a Bioelements lactic acid peel and Lumiere light therapy. While I don’t have pigmentation as such, I do have leftover freckles from summer and patches of redness around my nose from the change of weather and, although I’m loath to admit it, a few spots on my chin. All enough to make my skin look blotchier than I would like. 

The treatment began with a double cleanse to make sure my skin was extra clean before the lactic acid peel was applied. Although the word ‘acid’ makes the treatment sound extreme – notions of burning skin come to mind – this type of peel is considered to be one of the less irritating forms of acid available; the only major side effect is redness. It is, however, highly effective at brightening the skin and making it look fresher and more youthful.

While the therapist massaged the peel onto my face and neck, I experienced a slight prickly tingle but it was nothing unbearable. The peel was left on for around four minutes and removed with a calming gel. This was followed by a mask containing colloidal silver, which is a natural calming product. The peel works by loosening the outer layer of skin so that dead skin cells are sloughed away. This activity lasts for more than 48 hours after the peel, which means your skin only gets better as the days go on. 

The Lumiere LED light was then positioned over my face and neck and turned on for 20 minutes. The non-invasive light helps boost collagen and elastin, soften fine lines and rejuvenate skin cells. It also helps calm inflammation – making it an ideal treatment for acne sufferers. 

Immediately after the treatment my skin looked very flushed, but this disappeared after half an hour or so. That night I didn’t think my skin looked any better, but on waking the next day I was shocked to find it so clear and luminous. Any dullness, redness and blemishes had disappeared. As the days have gone on, it seems to have got even clearer and more radiant. If my skin looks this bright after only one treatment, I can imagine that a course of them would be like turning on an internal light. Hallelujah!


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