For a perfect eyelash flutter…

By Milly Nolan

Milly Nolan tries eyelash extensions and discovers the benefits of luscious, long lashes.

Fluttering lashes and voluminous eyes are tipped to be one of the hottest beauty trends this autumn and coming winter.  If you aren’t blessed with luscious lashes, you may need a bit of extra help to enhance your natural assets.

Do so by applying layers of maximizing and lengthening mascara, such as L’Oreal Paris Extra–Volume Collagen Mascara, RRP $35 or Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash Lengthening Mascara, RRP $24.

Alternatively, you can apply false eyelashes to instantly draw attention to your eyes. My favourite falsies are the ready-to-wear ones from QVS (RRP $10) which are pre-glued and come in a variety of styles and colours.

Or, you can make a visit to your beauty therapist for eyelash extensions (a more expensive but less involved option). Unlike the one-night-only false eyelashes that you glue on yourself, extensions will last up to four weeks.

The eyelash extensions consist of individual synthetic strands that are thick at the base and tapered at the end. They come in a variety of lengths, widths and colours and are designed to cater for any specified look.

Each individual lash is patiently grafted onto your own lashes by the beauty therapist using surgical glue. The whole procedure takes between 1 to 1.5 hours depending on your own lashes and the condition of them.


The Procedure

The whole procedure is a lengthy one and you should definitely save this treatment for a day when you can spare two hours without worrying about the 101 other things you should be doing!

The Outcome

At first glance I was a bit shocked at the length of my lashes and felt more “drag queen” than glamorous,  but I soon got used to them. I was amazed how the lash extensions made my eyes look larger and greener than usual.   They also made my lashes look darker, so I no longer have to apply layers of black mascara.

While I got many compliments on my new lashes, they were always followed by the question: “Are they real?”. Not exactly the ideal response because I had hoped they would look completely natural. Next time I will opt for slightly shorter lashes so they pass as my own.

The Disadvantages

The downside of lash extensions is they feel very coarse and not at all like natural lashes. Washing my face and removing my eye make-up felt very foreign and at first I was nervous that doing so would ruin the lashes, although as long as you are gentle they should be resilient.

The Aftermath

I started to notice the lashes falling out by the third week. After initial consternation that my natural lashes were disappearing along with the fakes, Leanne Dore, owner of The Beauty Connection, reassured me that my lashes looked shorter and sparser because I had simply grown used to the elongated falsies. Phew!

The Conclusion

Overall, I loved having long, thick and dark lashes and it definitely made my eyes a focal point, which I could emphasize with dramatic eyeliner and sultry eye shadows. Next time I will try to be more careful with my lashes and touch them less so they last longer. For special occasions I think lash extensions are well worth the effort, time and money to give your eyes some added va-va-voom and an instant glamourous look. 

The Cost

Anywhere from $150 – $300 a set


By Leanne Dore, owner of The Beauty Connection

•    Be gentle with your lash extensions. Do not rub them and minimise contact.

•    Do not apply mascara or use make-up remover unless it is a brand specifically designed for lash extensions.

•    Apply a conditioning treatment that is designed for lash extensions

•    Because of the natural shedding of the lashes, if you want your lashes to last, you need regular maintenance every 2-4 weeks.

CONTACT: The Beauty Connection

Level 1, 188 Broadway, Auckland

T +64 9 520 6948


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