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By Clare Dickens

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, you'd do well to preserve the skin of the eye contour area, blog on MiNDFOOD.

Eyes are an important channel for communication. Not only are they the windows to the soul, they are also critical in making an honest connection with others. Bearing this in mind, it’s important that you take care of your eyes.

The epidermis (top layer of skin) of the eye contour area is delicate and more susceptible to aggressors. Since this skin is three to five times thinner than on other areas of the face, prone to losing moisture, elasticity and firmness and is constantly subjected to movement, it’s easy to see why the eyes are often the first place wrinkles set in.

Furthermore, there are very few sebaceous glands, blood and lymphatic vessels in this area, plus it is also easily affected by overexposure to sun, tobacco and lifestyle habits. The skin around eye contour area demands targeted treatment.

Removing eye make-up should be the starting point of any beauty regime. Choose a specific eye cleanser, dampen two cotton pads and apply a small amount of product. Hold the pad against the eye to dissolve make-up before wiping away. Use a separate pad for each eye to prevent cross infection. Use gentle movements when cleansing and never rub.

Next, moisturise the eye contour area before you treat the face, so it is protected against ingredients from your day or night cleanser, which could easily irritate the delicate tissue. Apply the size of a grain of rice split between your ring fingers. Then working from the temple dot the cream or gel along the bone structure only, above and below the eye. The movement of the eye will draw product in from this reservoir, preventing an overload which usually results in puffiness. If you are working from a pot or jar use the spatula provided to avoid contamination.

Choose the texture of your product depending on your concern. Generally gel textures suit puffiness and dark circles, whilst creams are designed with anti-ageing in mind. Keep an eye gel close to hand when working long hours on a computer or flying as it can easily be applied over make-up for an instant refreshing effect.

As we age, the tissue around the eyes becomes weak, causing the fat that supports the eyes to shift to the lower eyelids, resulting in eye puffiness. This swelling can also be caused by hormonal changes, dehydration, stress, lack of sleep or allergies.

Follow these points to keep your peepers perky:

1 Drink water. When dehydrated we store water, which can lead to water retention beneath the eyes. 

2 Avoid caffeinated drinks, especially at night.

3 Sleep. Eyes require rest after a long day, 1200 blinks per hour is tiring work.

4 Avoid too much sodium in your diet.

5 Avoid going to sleep wearing eye make-up.

6 Elevate your head slightly, by using an extra pillow, while sleeping.


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