Entrepreneurism is in the blood

By Michael McHugh

Entrepreneurism is in the blood

I remember in my last year of school I had to fill out a survey to discover what job I would be best suited to. After the results came in, the Vocational Guidance Counsellor, Father Jones (who was also the English and the Religious Knowledge teacher) said that he had never seen results like this before, and had no idea what to suggest. The role was that of a Film Director. Funnily enough, Whangarei in the mid 80’s wasn’t known for its thriving film industry.

I was recently visiting my mother when my older brother Andrew arrived with his two sons Daniel and Henry. Daniel has graduated from university and is in his first job; it was interesting to be reminded about life as a new recruit. You forget so quickly what your first job was like, navigating the ongoings of an office.

Henry is in his last year of school. Both Andrew and Henry were discussing what Henry’s plans were for the following year, what course he may take, what career he might aim for and which direction to take. Joining the conversation, Henry had done a series of courses and surveys in trying to work out the best possible path to take. He was leaning towards the construction industry or perhaps a job that saw him working outside. Henry is musical, in fact his entire family is, and he is always creating soundtracks, so I suggested perhaps the direction of a DJ, or something in the digital field. He has talent there.

After discussing his latest business assignment at school, where fellow classmates Texas and Keagan have created a company, Neuro Industries,  designing and manufacturing T-shirts, from strategy to implementation.  At 17 and 18 they are an impressive group of talented young individuals.  Wearing the merchandise, (see picture above) the T-Shirts are actually very good. I have bought one, and at only $35, I thought it was a complete steal. They have created a Facebook page, YouTube clip, along with the Neuro Industries website, and are now up and running selling T-Shirts.  Go online and support them by buying a T-Shirt from this young up-and-coming talent trio.  Henry and his friends have much potential and scope for their future, which is exciting. Perhaps I could direct a movie for them?


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