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Cycle chic

Cycle chic

The bicycle has become the ultimate fashion accessory, but it was in Copenhagen where cycle chic was born.

Cycle chic

Cycling is officially chic. From London to Copenhagen to Sydney fashion aficionados are uniting under the Cycle Chic Manifesto. 

Their vision is clear: all those wishing to join the revolution must commit to cycle chic and, at every opportunity, choose style over speed.

With a shared belief that the stereotype of an aggressive cyclist in lycra shorts does harm to the concept of cycling as simply a day-to-day form of transportation, followers of Cycle Chic Sydney are donning their finest attire and polishing their bikes every Sunday for a weekly community cycle.

You can join the fun at


While many Down Under are embracing cycling as a clean, green alternative to commuting by car we’re still a long way behind the cycle-centric cultures of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin and even Paris.  It is in Europe where “cycle chic” really comes into its own.

The term was coined by blogger Mikael Colville-Andersen for his site, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, which collects and publishes photographs of the city’s most stylish cyclists.

And stylish they certainly are.  I am in awe of women who can cycle in wedges not to mention stilettos.

In his search for style Colville-Andersen has discovered girls in Louboutin heels on old Raleigh granny bikes, but as he says, “We don’t have cyclists in Copenhagen, we just have Copenhageners who get around on bikes.”

– NH

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