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Tea Topics

Four Healthy Winter Tonics

With winter upon us, a sharp, tangy tonic often provides the boost you need. Lemons, honey, ginger and garlic have long been used to help fight winter ailments. These tonics also use miso, cayenne pepper, apple cider and turmeric as they have antibacterial properties and vitamins.

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Angostura Long Island Iced Tea

What’s the best way to welcome the weekend? By sipping on cocktails that bring on holiday vibes and promises of warm summer weather.

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Home Made Kombucha

Home Made Kombucha. A fermented drink that has been used as a natural remedy for thousands of years, kombucha can now […]

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Cuppa Goodness – DIY Chai Tea

Enjoy the nourishing properties 
and aromatic flavours of chai tea with this simple homemade recipe.

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Ginger and 
Lemon Syrup

Avoid sugary drinks during the cold & flu season as they suppress immunity. Opt instead for this warming drop.

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Tea with Stephen Twining

MiNDFOOD is holding three special reader high teas in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland in conjunction with Twinings. We talk tea with Stephen Twining himself ahead of the event.

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Warming Winter Cuppa

Boost your immune system and keep your gut happy with these winter warming drink.

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Warming Chai Tea

Warming Chai Tea recipe, brought to you by MiNDFOOD.

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Tea region embraces cheese industry

The misty hills of Nilgiris have for decades grown some of the world’s finest teas, but a few residents are hoping the southern Indian region will become renowned for another, unusual product: gourmet cheese.

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Tea that tempts the senses

Tea drinking reaches new heights with the introduction of a variety based on exquisite fragrances, MiNDFOOD reports.

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