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The Best Hair Oils and How to Use Them

The lowdown on 'hair oiling' as a treatment vs hair oil for definition, hydration and shine....

Beauty Topics

French fashion house Celine launches into beauty with new lipstick line

Luxury fashion brand Celine is moving into the beauty business with a new makeup collection.

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How to wear false eyelashes

Wearing a set of false lashes sounds worryingly dramatic to most people, but you might be pleasantly surprised by the eye-opening abilities a fluffy, natural set provides.

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Five simple changes to achieve glowing skin

It can be overwhelming to consider all the advice out there on how to improve skin health but you don’t have to completely overhaul your routine to see benefits.

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What is a ‘no-nicure’? The surprising red-carpet beauty trend

Stars at the Oscars opted for a nude manicure look that embraced short, chic and understated nails.

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Why and how often do I need to wash makeup brushes and sponges?

Keeping makeup brushes clean can help keep your skin in clear, healthy and bright condition.

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Surefire Ways To Prevent Lipstick Bleeding Into Fine Lip Lines

Sick of lipstick slipping and sliding or feathering into fine lip lines?

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Hair Products For Men: How To Choose

The sheer number of creams and pomades and gels can make it confusing to get the hair style you want. Here’s what to look for, according to an expert.

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The new wine and chocolate-infused facial that leaves skin glowing

Would you try a facial with chocolate, wine, figs and berry-based ingredients?

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Gwyneth Paltrow reveals how she gets her “difficult” hair to shine

Think A-listers have perfect hair naturally? Not always! Just ask Gwyneth.

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Olive oil: a health and beauty elixir or celebrity fad?

In the ever-changing world of wellness trends and celebrity endorsed health fads there is a new trend on the scene: daily olive oil shots.

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Balmain teases first images of new beauty line after teaming up with Estée Lauder

Luxury French fashion house Balmain has revealed a set of images to tease its upcoming beauty line.

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Top beauty tips to steal from Dua Lipa

Singing superstar Dua Lipa is known for her catchy, dance-pop hits but her fashion and beauty influence also can’t be understated.

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This is the one easy eye makeup item you need now

It’s all about the eyes, but don’t go overboard. This one makeup move is all you need.

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Body mist is back in style and it’s all grown up

The revival of body mists provides a perfume alternative for summer days and those that like a lighter scent.

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Victoria Beckham teams up with Australian Facialist Melanie Grant on new beauty launch

The former Spice Girl and her celebrity facialist pal have teamed up to create a cleansing protocol that cleans and nourishes skin.

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Beyoncé is keen to transform your hair with new range Cécred

The star called on her own history of hair transformation as well as expert formulators to create the nourishing haircare line.

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What is ‘Photo Finish Hair’? How to get the gleaming new trend

Shiny hair is beautiful hair. Here’s how to get the luminous trending hair look taking over fashion week runways right now.

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Teenage skincare routines: Everything you need to know

Teenagers often believe that they need expensive skincare products due to recommendations on social media.

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‘Black cherry’ or ‘merlot’? The new hue that’s a must for autumn

The rich, sumptuous hue is everywhere right now, in fashion, accessories and even hair colour.

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What are ‘collarium’ sunbeds? Here’s why you should stay away

Two experts share the risks associated with “collarium” sunbeds and why claims round their benefits don’t stack up.

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What is micellar water and how do you use it?

Micellar water, a product found in supermarkets, chemists and bathroom cabinets around the world, is commonly used to remove make-up. It’s a very effective cleanser and many people swear by it as part of their skincare routine.

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Hair feeling crispy? Expert stylist shares her summer recovery tips

Now that we’re creeping towards the tail-end of summer (sad but true) our hair can be feeling a little worse for wear.

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Press-on nails are back, but they’re not what you remember

New press-on nail options are a far cry from the cheap, fake-looking and flimsy options of the 80s and 90s.

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‘Chocolate box brunette’ is the perfect hair colour inspiration right now

Hailey Bieber’s ‘Chocolate box brunette’ is the perfect hair colour inspiration to show your hairdresser.

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