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Perfect perfume or eau de yuck? Why scents smell different and 4 fragrance tips

A must-have perfume to one, is borderline offensive to another. What makes perfume appealing? And why does it smell differently on different people?...

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Do-it-all moisturisers make skincare easy and fast

Want one moisturiser that will do-it-all? We can’t promise they’ll vacuum the lounge, but these options definitely have a multitude of talents.

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Everything you need to know about acne scarring

If you experience acne or breakouts, you’ll be familiar with the pigmentation and indents left behind. So what can be done?

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What is the Hush Cut? The low maintenance hair cut to ask for now

If you love a trending hairdo, listen up: The ‘Hush Cut’ is the latest one to know about.

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The new perfumes that capture that spring feeling in a bottle

Manifest sunny, warm days ahead with this bunch of the best spring perfumes of 2023 that offer floral notes or solar elements.

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Harry Styles launching sex-themed perfumes recalling intimate moments

Harry Styles is extending his beauty and lifestyle brand Pleasing, with a line of ‘sex-themed’ perfumes.

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Top tips for a whiter smile

Bust out your pearly whites and smile with a little extra care and consideration.

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Founder of successful Aussie spa brand now in NZ reveals most sought-after treatment 

First established in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula in 2000, Endota is a hugely successful skin and spa brand. Now with over 110 locations, 2000 staff carry out 750,000 treatments per annum.

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How to make your hair grow faster for longer, stronger locks

Rapunzel living rent-free in your head? If you dream of longer, flowing locks but battle the time it takes to grow, we can relate.

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Makeup or just great skin? The new bases that have us fooled

With a weightless feel, subtle coverage and a fresh-looking finish, these new bases can definitely pass for clean skin.

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Sofia Richie reveals she gets her beauty advice from dad Lionel

Sofia Richie has revealed her beauty BFF and it’s not who you might expect.

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Why feel-good fragrances and ‘skin’ scents are trending now

The appeal of ‘your-skin-but-better’ scents and mood-boosting olfactory elements is growing.

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New moisturising cream helps put a stop to sensitive skin

If you battle skin sensitivity and redness, Dermalogica’s new Stabilizing Repair Cream might just be your saving grace. We give it a try and share our first impressions.

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Skincare that does what it says

Offering a cosmetic alternative for those not yet ready to embark on pricey cosmetic procedures and skin treatments, L’Oréal Paris’ Revitalift Laser Routine with Retinol serum and daily SPF15 cream visibly reduces wrinkles and dark spots, and has the scientific data to prove it.

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Austin Butler snapped up by YSL as the face of new fragrance MYSLF

Austin Butler has added a new role to the increasingly crowded resume that includes hit film ‘Elvis’.

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Brooke Shields explores ‘the power of ageing’ in new book

Brooke Shields is set to explore the “power of ageing” in her new book.

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Five of the best new mascaras to try for spring

Mascara is one of those beauty products you’re always in the market for. 

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What is Retinol? Why is it considered an anti-ageing skincare essential?

Of all the wonder ingredients promoted by skincare enthusiasts and manufacturers, retinol is among the most popular.

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Golden glow: The best beauty products infused with honey

The buzz around honey as a key natural beauty ingredient continues to grow.

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Can ingestible and topical collagen be used together to improve skin?

One Kiwi brand is taking an inside-out, as well as outside-in, approach to skin health.

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How often should you switch up your skincare routine?

An expert reveals the answer to three of the most common skincare conundrums.

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Prada launches makeup and skincare as luxury beauty offerings continue to grow

Prada has announced a new foray into beauty, with two new product categories – makeup and skin care.

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What is latte makeup? The trending look that recalls the sun

Take inspiration from your morning caffeine hit to recreate the latest trending makeup look.

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The most popular vegan beauty brands right now

A new report reveals the vegan beauty brands gaining a huge following with their makeup and skincare products that eschew the use of animal-derived ingredients.

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10 of the best new options for National Lipstick Day

For lipstick lovers, every day is National Lipstick Day. For the rest of us, it comes around once a year. Check out these great options to dress up your lips.

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