Soy-Glazed Butternut Thai Green Curry

Creamy, delicately spiced Thai-style curry is a crowd-pleaser, and is best shared. Never think less of shop-bought curry pastes, they are simply a concentrated spice mix. Check that the curry paste is vegan, as some contain fish sauce....

Asian Topics

Master Stock Chicken Recipe

The rich, intense flavour of this master stock is partly due to poaching a whole chicken.

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Stir Fried Sticky Chicken with Dumplings and Garlic Chives

The health benefits of honey and ginger abound in this comforting and delicious dumpling dish that combines the legendary medicinal powers of chicken soup with a bit more added bite.

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Ginger Chicken Congee with Crispy Garlic Chilli Oil

A rich, fragrant master stock forms the basis of this comforting congee. Said to cure anything that ails you, this dish really is a hug-in-a-bowl experience.

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Our Favourite Nasi Goreng Recipes

Check out this list of our favourite Nasi Goreng recipes. The perfect mid-week meal to whip up when you’re fridge is looking low in stock or you want something easy and delicious.

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Dan Hong’s Grilled Marinated Lamb Cutlets

Aussie Chef Dan Hong shares his mum’s secret lamb cutlet recipe. Packed full of flavour with a unique Asian twist, they’re guaranteed to spice up your dinner tonight.

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Dan Hong’s Lamb Dumplings with Sesame Sauce and Chilli Oil

Chef Dan Hong’s Sesame Sauce and Chilli Oil dumplings are the perfect meal to add into your weekly rotation. They’re a mouthwatering flavour explosion!

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Chilli-Roasted Chicken Salad with Red Rice Recipe 

Leftovers have never tasted better with this delicious Chilli-Roasted Chicken Salad with Red Rice Recipe. With tender pieces of chicken, […]

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Chilli Lamb Larb with Toasted Rice and Crispy Garlic Recipe

Balance Flavour and add some heat and colour to your next meal with our show stopping Chilli Lamb Larb with […]

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Beef Mince Balls with Chinese Broccoli and Black Bean Sauce

Forget boring mid-week meals and try this tasty Beef Mince Balls with Chinese Broccoli and Black Bean Sauce Recipe. Beef […]

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Salt and Pepper Squid with Chinese Broccoli Recipe

Take your squid to the next level with our Salt and Pepper Squid with Chinese Broccoli Recipe, the hot and […]

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Malaysian Slow-Cooked Black Pepper Pork Rib Curry Recipe

Looking for the perfect sharing plate? This Malaysian Slow-Cooked Black Pepper Pork Rib Curry Recipe is sure to leave everyone […]

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Bang Bang Cauliflower with Creamy Sriracha Sauce Recipe

Bang Bang sauce is a sweet, spicy, and creamy mayonnaise-based sauce, traditionally eaten with deep-fried chicken. This recipe certainly lives […]

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11 Chinese Recipes You’re Going To Love

Try our 11 Chinese Recipes You’re Going To Love! With crunchy Snowpeas, tender Chicken and mouthwatering Sticky Pork Ribs you’re […]

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Sushi Sandwiches

Quick and easy sushi sandwiches, perfect for a summer snack.

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Asian Beef-Rib Kimchi Soup

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side-dish of fermented vegetables. It is used as a condiment and stars in many traditional recipes such as this delicious soup.

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Chinese-Style Poached Chicken served with Stir-fried Vegetables

Enjoy this Chinese-Style Poached Chicken served with Stir-fried Vegetables for dinner tonight.

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Nasi Goreng with Fried Shallots

This tasty Nasi Goreng recipe is always a winner.

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Nasi Goreng Tray Bake

 The colourful nasi goreng tray bake provides a modern twist on the Asian classic, and is a light and nutritious […]

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Lao Lao Liu’s Chinese ‘Jiao Zi’ dumplings

Lao Lao Liu’s Chinese ‘Jiao Zi’ dumpling Recipe Plump parcels of juicy beef with fragrant ginger and fresh vegetables. Perfect […]

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Mongolian Lamb Bao

A fusion of bold Mongolian flavours and the soft embrace of steamed bao buns, this is the ultimate dish.

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Nini’s Nutty Chicken Recipe

Nini’s Nutty Chicken Recipe. This is my sister Nishat’s recipe (we call her Nini), and every time I make this I […]

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Kheeraj with Rose Petals & Pistachios

Kheeraj with Rose Petals & Pistachios. Kheeraj is a traditional rice pudding, often served in Indian homes. You will come across […]

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Kimchi Salad

The Korean answer to sauerkraut is often based on Chinese leaf. Both kimchi and sauerkraut are vegetables fermented using lactic acid bacteria. Get into the habit of eating a little every day, but remember that this is a living ingredient which must be stored in a cold place.

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Aubergine Masala, by Gurmit Kaur, from the Hubb Community Kitchen

It was 1976 and our mother was teaching me and my teenage sisters to cook – passing on her recipes. […]

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