Quick Bread

5 ways with Bananas

Here are our top five ways to hero Bananas in recipes that are simply delicious. ...

Quick Bread Topics

Cheese Scone Recipe

MiNDFOOD has recreated the traditional cheese scone using our own version of Edmond’s scone recipe. Try it out and tell us what you think.

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Lemon Myrtle and Macadamia Scones

A delicious, nutty twist on the old classic, these scones are the perfect Anzac Day tea accompaniment.

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Anzac Biscuits with Macadamias

Commemorate our nation’s history with these delicious macadamia nut Anzac biscuits.

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Mexican Cheese & Corn Quesadillas

Mexican Cheese & Corn Quesadillas. Give your lunchbox a lift with these cheesy corn quesadillas served with our homemade Caramel […]

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Salmon Tortillas

Smoked salmon is a wonderful breakfast treat. This version, served with herb-infused scrambled eggs and salmon roe, makes for a memorable start to the day.

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Merle Parrish’s Basic Scone Recipe

These basic scones are an award-winning CWA show recipe from baking champion Merle Parrish.

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Banana and Passionfruit Bread with Ricotta and Fresh Passionfruit

Banana and Passionfruit Bread with Ricotta and Fresh Passionfruit. The banana, passionfruit and coconut complement each other beautifully in this delicious […]

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Garlic Chilli Prawns with Lemon Flatbread

Garlic Chilli Prawns with Lemon Flatbread. Spice up your weeknight with these delicious chargrilled prawns. Serve with zingy lemon flatbreads and […]

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Breakfast Quesadilla with Black Beans

Breakfast Quesadilla with Black Beans. Equal parts zesty, spicy and comforting, this breakfast quesadilla is sure to be a hit with […]

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Buttermilk Scones with Quince Jelly

Always a crowd-pleaser, buttermilk scones have a way of bringing the whole family together. Serve with this easy-to-make quince jelly for a unique twist.

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Pulled-Pork Tortillas with Barbecued Corn

Pulled-pork tortillas with barbecued corn makes the most of your left-over pulled-pork. 

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Sour-Cherry & Chocolate-Chip Hot Cross Buns

Sour-Cherry & Chocolate-Chip Hot Cross Buns Recipe Sour-cherry & chocolate-chip hot cross buns are a twist on the classic favourite […]

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Italian Olive Oil and Fennel Biscuits

These savoury biscuits are so easy to make and are ready in 30 minutes. Serve with a wedge of Parmesan or Pecorino and a bowl of your favourite olives.

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Picnic Basket of Sandwiches and Rolls

Picnic Basket of Sandwiches and Rolls. Taking advantage of the warmer weather this weekend and a make a basket of […]

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Sausages and Chickpea Salad on Tortillas

Sausages and Chickpea Salad on Tortillas. Give barbecue snags a spicy tomato kick for a casual summer meal, then jazz […]

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Pickled Pork Toasted Sandwich

Pickled Pork Toasted Sandwich recipe, brought to you by MiNDFOOD.

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Chilli Beef Tortillas with Lettuce and Avocado

Get your fingers dirty during a laid back weeknight meal with these delicious Chilli Beef Tortillas.

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Pecan & Banana French Toast

Treat the family on Saturday morning with a batch of moreish pecan and banana french toast. Drizzle with maple syrup and serve with hot coffee then idle over the weekend paper. Bliss.

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Anzac Biscuits

These iconic biscuits were originally made to send to the ANZACs serving in Gallipoli. For a contemporary twist add a few almonds and your favourite dried fruit.

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Oat, Craisin and White Chocolate Biscuits

Enjoy a delightful treat with these oat biscuits, featuring tart Craisins and creamy white chocolate.

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 Looking for the perfect afternoon tea treat? These delightfully soft, warming scones with lashings of Fresh Raspberry Jam are sure […]

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