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Persian Tahchin – Saffron Rice with Pomegranate Braised Chicken

Tahchin is a Persian savoury dish made of rice, yogurt, saffron, egg, and in this case pomegranate braised ‘Fesenjan’ chicken. Slowly cooked for over an hour in a pan, the dish is inverted onto the plate to serve, revealing the beautiful golden crust of the rice.

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Barbequed Harissa Lamb with Baba Ghanoush & Mediterranean Bean Salad

This is a great way to use a nice shoulder or leg of lamb. Harissa paste is available in tubes at the supermarket and it’s such a simple way to add flavour to your dishes. Use your hands to really massage it into the lamb – the warmth of your hands will help bring the meat to room temperature ready for cooking. You don’t want to burn the beautiful red harissa, so remember to keep turning the lamb. For the baba, it is best to cook the eggplant on an open flame. Don’t be afraid to push it so far that it’s almost falling apart – the more you burn the outside, the more it steams and softens on the inside. Make sure to slice the lamb against the grain to preserve its tenderness.

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