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Hibiscus Flower with Orange Zest and Vanilla Cordial

Dried hibiscus petals make a delicious tea and are the perfect addition to cocktail syrup, sundaes, marinades and salads. ...

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Salmon & Asparagus Plaits With Dill Sauce

Salmon & Asparagus Plaits With Dill Sauce. This flavoursome dish is sure to become a family favourite.  Serves 4  100g (1⁄2 […]

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Lemongrass Beef Salad with Spring Pickles Recipe

This Lemongrass Beef Salad with Spring Pickles recipe is certain to shake up your mid-week meal.

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Walnut & Wholemeal Bread

Walnut & Wholemeal Bread. The wholemeal and walnuts ensure this bread stays ‘ freshly baked’ for days. It never gets dry, […]

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Rosemary Grissini

This is a fun way to make grissini. You’re not supposed to eat all the rosemary – you simply pull off pieces of bread and small parts of the rosemary will stick to it, giving it a fabulous flavour.

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Semolina & Thyme Flower

The semolina gives the bread a very soft texture and the thyme a bit of sweetness. It’s great for any occasion

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The Best Baguette Ever

I got this recipe from a friend after begging her for her secrets. It works like a charm every time.

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Milk & Pepper Loaf

I added my own spin to this classic recipe with the pepper crust – it really gives the bread an extra kick. This loaf is delicious topped with smooth cream cheese and slices of smoked salmon.

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Pesto Bread In A Jar

For this recipe you will need ovenproof jars – either glass or porcelain is fine, as long as they can go in the oven. Make one bread per person.

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Rødgrød Trifle Recipe

Rødgrød Trifle Recipe. Fresh berries, cinnamon sponge and fresh custard, what’s not to love? Serves 10   Cinnamon Sponge 90g plain […]

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A Currant Affair

Small in size but packed with flavour and nutrients, currants are amazingly versatile in the kitchen. While they’re most often used in jams and jellies, that’s really just part of their story.

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Beef Medallions with Tomato Salad Recipe

Beef Medallions with Tomato Salad Recipe. Tender beef medallions served with a fresh tomato salad is the perfect spring dinner.  Serves […]

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Figs On Toast

Figs On Toast. Figs are one of the most beautiful, sexy, weird and polarising foods there is. They are also a […]

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Barbecued Corn On The Cob With Seaweed Butter

Barbecued Corn On The Cob With Seaweed Butter. I gag when non-Japanese chefs come up with wacky things to do to […]

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Creamy Mushrooms on Toast

The perfect way to start the day.

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The Unmistakable

Growing up in Malaysia, I was exposed to many different aromas and spices that have influenced my drinking and eating habits. I love finding ingredients that traditionally wouldn’t go together, but in some weird and wonderful way combine to make a flavour profile that is greater than the sum of its parts. Australia (now my home) has native ingredients unlike anywhere else in the world. When I was asked to create a cocktail using Untold Spiced Rum, I wanted to create a recipe that UNMISTAKABLY said something about where I grew up and where I now call home. To me, this was sesame seeds and macadamias.

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Hazelnut Miso Recipe

Hazelnut Miso Recipe. Nuts seem an obvious candidate for fermentation as misos. They’re high in protein, starchy, and abundant in northern […]

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Pine Nut Crusted Lamb Loin Fillets

Pine Nut Crusted Lamb Loin Fillets. This tender lamb loin salad is the perfect dish to welcome spring.  Serves 4   […]

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7 ways to use your overripe fruit

7 tasty ideas for using up your overripe fruit. It happens more often than many of us would like to […]

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Nini’s Nutty Chicken Recipe

Nini’s Nutty Chicken Recipe. This is my sister Nishat’s recipe (we call her Nini), and every time I make this I […]

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Kheeraj with Rose Petals & Pistachios

Kheeraj with Rose Petals & Pistachios. Kheeraj is a traditional rice pudding, often served in Indian homes. You will come across […]

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My Indian Kitchen

Inspired by her mother’s cooking, Ashia Ismail-Singer brings her earliest food memories to life with this delicious recipe book. Featuring traditional recipes as well as a range of modern Indian tastes and textures these recipes are sure to inspire.

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Happy Food

Plenty of research has suggested a connection between diet and gut health – but can the food we eat also impact our mood? We speak to Niklas Ekstedt and Henrik Ennart about their new book, Happy Food, and how our diet can affect our wellbeing.

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Kimchi Salad

The Korean answer to sauerkraut is often based on Chinese leaf. Both kimchi and sauerkraut are vegetables fermented using lactic acid bacteria. Get into the habit of eating a little every day, but remember that this is a living ingredient which must be stored in a cold place.

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Aubergine Masala, by Gurmit Kaur, from the Hubb Community Kitchen

It was 1976 and our mother was teaching me and my teenage sisters to cook – passing on her recipes. […]

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Example of our electic and diverse range include but not only:
Chicken & Waffles
Entrecôte with Miso Dip
Fried Mackerel with Egg on Rice
Hot Dogs
Japanese Pork Soup (Tonjiru)
Japanese-style Burgers with Miso, Wasabi, Bacon, Gari & Gherkins
Katsudon — Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl
Kossha Mangsho – Goat Curry & Naan Bread
Lomi Lomi Salmon – Tomato Salmon Salad
Miso Salmon
Pasta with Shrimps and Tomato Sauce
Pumpkin Curry Soup with Coconut Milk
Ramen Soup with Spicy Miso Mix
Reisschüssel mit Lachs und Rührei
Roasted Mushroom Risotto
Sebastian’s Gyū Tataki Don
Spaghetti With Miso Carbonara And Sausage Meatballs
Tarte Flambee with Goat Cheese, Pear & Mushrooms
Udon Noodles with Pork Belly
Venison Lasagna
Venison Teriyaki
Yaki Gyōza