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Year in review: The biggest showbiz stories of 2022

From a shocking Oscars slap to a virtual ABBA taking to the stage, this year has seen a range of entertainment stories dominate headlines....

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Who will win this Sunday?

United Nations makes first aid drop to Syria

President Obama to push again for Guantanamo closure

Millions without water in Delhi as tensions rise

Baby Asha discharged from Lady Cilento hospital

Devastation wrought on Fiji by cyclone

Five minutes with: Rebel Wilson

Turkey denounces ‘heinous act of terrorism’

5 Minutes With: Marion Cotillard

MiNDFOOD Exclusive: Ryan Reynolds on ‘Deadpool’

Schools, hospitals hit in Syrian missile attacks

Australia pleads: Let Them Stay

Fear returns for Christchurch after 5.7 magnitude earthquake

A Girl problem we should all know about

Super Bowl ads get socially responsible

Five minutes with: Emma Donoghue

Zika virus declared a global public health emergency

Arts festival a spectrum of music, arts and kooky talks

Catwalking the Sydney Harbour Bridge

After ‘Snowzilla’

Could we have a ninth planet?

2015 ‘shattered’ warmest year records, warmer to come

Growing number of stars criticise Oscars

MiNDFOOD Exclusive: Inside NASA and The Martian

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New media professionals enter the industry with an innate passion for keeping people informed – although most probably don’t realize that keeping people informed is now a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week commitment.

Once limited by time zones and printing press schedules, reporting has profoundly changed with the onset of digital communication. Most outlets have switched to 24-hour cycles to meet the growing need to deliver the most immediate and compelling news at every hour of every day.

Many of us have woken to breaking news that surfaced while we were capturing some much-needed sleep. The thing is, news never sleeps. Skeleton crews of journalists, editors, copy editors, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers and cameramen all remain on duty after normal business hours at every operating outlet – whether it’s a television station, online outlet, wire bureau or radio station – poised to cover breaking news, even if that breaks at 3:45 a.m.

As public relations professionals, our job, too, is deeply entrenched in the news – in fact, we are often the ones making it. With the 24/7 cycle comes various pros and cons that we, too, must take into consideration as we counsel our clients through breaking moments or even the run-of-the-mill daily dissemination.