Plan for the unexpected by investing for a flexible life

Change - it’s the only constant in life. If we didn’t fully recognise this before March 2020, we certainly do now. In the past couple of years, we’ve had to cope with the unexpected over and over again. But it hasn’t been all bad. We’ve learned a lot - that we’re adaptable, resilient, robust. We’ve also learned that it pays to have a plan....

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Take care and love your lady bits – Time to talk vaginas

“Downstairs”, “private parts”, “nether regions”…  the multitude of euphemisms we use for vaginas can reinforce the idea that talking about vaginal health isn’t something we should feel comfortable talking about. 

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Are you drinking enough water? New research suggests drinking may prevent heart problems

Health experts often champion the benefits of drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.

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Three holistic remedies for combatting anxiety and stress

These simple holistic approaches could help ease the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

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Daylight saving is over: 5 ways to cope

It’s that time again – for many of us in Australia and New Zealand, our clocks go back one hour […]

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The health benefits of yoga

We know we feel good after a yoga session, but what exactly are the health benefits of regular practice?

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The Self-Care Tips and Tricks The MiNDFOOD Team Are Practising

The MiNDFOOD team shares the self-care tips and tricks they’re living by at the moment.

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4 ways to heal your gut and reduce inflammation

How to harvest better gut health, reduce inflammation and heal from the inside-out.

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How to stock a remedy pantry

Top ten ingredients to include in your pantry for homemade remedies

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Pranayama: a simple breathing exercise to calm yourself

When was the last time you stopped and noticed your breath?

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How to Live a Less Stressed Life

We spoke to Dr. Ron Ehrlich, who shared three simple steps to achieve a less stressed, more enjoyable life.

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Filters and folders: Tips for staying on top of your inbox

Whether you’re a job-hunter, a customer service rep or a CEO, emails can bury the best of us. So here are five tips on how to turn the tables and get on top of them.

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Beat the COVID-19 isolation blues

You’re in COVID-19 lockdown. You have had to retreat to your home for two weeks of self-isolation and now you’ve got the blues. Here are some low-energy boredom busters:

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Christchurch shooting: healing in the wake of tragedy

Traumatic events can throw our world into chaos, and leave us feeling shocked, hurt, angry or helpless. However, we many have found the key to understanding how to best help people to recover from trauma – community connectedness.

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Three easy steps to improve your gut health today

If you want to improve your gut health, here is a good place to start. Research has been coming in […]

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Autumn Immunity Boosters

How to support your immune system and reduce the severity of ills and chills when cooler weather hits.

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Self-hypnosis exercises to improve focus and promote relaxation

Whether you’re stressed, overwhelmed or just need to slow down for a minute, try out these mindfulness exercises to regain your focus and bring a sense of calmness into your day. 

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How to avoid getting sick on a plane

Worried about falling ill on your next flight? An expert offers tips to beat off the bugs and how to avoid getting sick on a plane.

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Healthy hand washing guide

As the deadly new strain of coronavirus continues to spread, the world is grappling with how to control it.

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What is sound bath meditation?

We sat down with Brittany from Brthe to find out about the latest meditation practice that’s got everyone talking.

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What are the health benefits of a weighted blanket?

We look at the science behind the latest trend in bedding.

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Everything You Need To Know About Lyme Disease

According to New Zealand medical officials, Lyme disease isn’t present in this country. But for the thousands of people who are chronically sick with ‘Lyme-like’ symptoms, this position just adds to the debilitating pain. MiNDFOOD explores what the illness is and the controversy surrounding it.

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UK health service chief warns against wellness products promoted by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop

The head of the UK’s National Health Service has criticised Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand Goop and the alternative therapies it promotes.

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Simple ways to embrace everyday mindfulness

When we talk about mindfulness, meditation is often the first thing to pop up. But being present doesn’t always mean […]

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6 possible causes of insomnia

Trouble getting to sleep at night? Find out the most common causes of insomnia.

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