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What is the most important attribute in a partner?

If you think good looks or plenty of money is the no. 1 attr... more

Who runs your house?

Does it feel like your kids run the house? We share the top ... more

Working mums’ kids do fine

Children of career mums do just as well at school as childre... more

Relationships: yes, you do have a type – and it’s likely to be your ex

A new study reveals that people do indeed have a 'type' when... more

4 questions to ask every day in a relationship

We often think that relationship advice is about love and ro... more

Why it’s sometimes a good idea to sleep with your ex

“One, don’t pick up the phone; You know he’s o... more

The key to happy marriage? It’s in your genes

Some people have a gene linked with happy marriages, scienti... more

6 simple tools for a truly fulfilling love-life

Six truths about loving the one you’re with and creati... more

Why adults should have more play time

Do you want to improve your performance at work? Be smarter ... more

Science agrees: hugging does make us happier

Hug it out! A new study suggests that just reaching out and ... more

How To Make Friends As An Adult

Making friends is an easy pastime during childhood, but as a... more

Diane Keaton and Her Secret to Overcoming Insecurity

From The Godfather to Manhattan, Keaton has portrayed legend... more

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Robin Wright’s advice to young actors: ‘There’s no security in acting, so you better be passionate’

Having worked in Hollywood for more than 35 years, Robin Wright has some great advice for navigatin...




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