Five Common SPF myths debunked

Crucial to protect our skin health, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about using SPF. ...

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Brighten and balance skin with Snowberry’s new naturally-derived serum and moisturiser

Kiwi skincare heroes Snowberry take a respected formulation approach that balances natural ingredients with science that helps prove each product’s […]

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The bathroom accessory that makes using solid beauty bars a breeze

Clare Wilson was an early adopter of solid bar soaps and cleansers and the way they eliminated excess plastic and […]

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Breakouts, SPF and active ingredients: Popular skincare myths busted by experts

With a cornucopia of information and products out there, misinformation around skincare and how to use it can quickly be […]

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Your guide to getting great Botox

Curious about Botox? The team at Caci break down the details about what’s involved with the wrinkle-relaxing injectable treatment.

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Menopausal? Here are the skincare and treatments to consider

Menopause has a surprisingly significant effect on your appearance, but there is much you can do to counteract its effects. […]

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Six of the best high-protection face SPFs

We’re sure you know by now it’s advisable to wear SPF year-round to ensure the health and appearance of your […]

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Do you need lip balm and does it actually work?

One of the season’s most repetitive habits – a swipe of lip balm – is also one of the most […]

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Iconic local beauty brand delivers the best of NZ for your skin

Making the most of our beautiful country comes naturally to Kiwis, and for Wild Ferns, that extends to creating skincare using the likes of Manuka Honey, Bee Venom, Rotorua mud, kiwifruit and lanolin in its nourishing formulations.

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Ask the expert: Styling options for your brows that flatter your face

They frame your face, so how to ensure your eyebrows are doing you justice? By seeking out an expert’s advice and styling at OFF & ON.

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New collagen options promote beauty from the inside out

Collagen supplements have been the unexpected stars of the beauty scene in recent years. While the focus on the importance […]

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The skin and appearance treatments that will superpower your routine

Lovely by skin institute makes it very easy to freshen up your look with the latest advanced appearance medicine treatments.

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How to get your feet sandal-ready

Like opening your windows to a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day, slipping on a pair of sandals is […]

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Experts reveal: Facts vs fictions of anti-ageing treatments and injectables

When it comes to anti-ageing treatments and injectables, there is no doubt that you would have at least heard of Botox®, fillers and Dermapen. Despite their popularity, and growing demand, there is still a lot of contradictory information and preconceived views about these appearance medicine treatments

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The best makeup setting sprays to use while mask wearing

The pandemic has brought a lot of new challenges our way and this one certainly isn’t particularly high on the […]

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Kiwi skincare brand ‘world first’ to achieve carbon positive, releases IP to spur industry

Kiwi skincare brand Emma Lewisham claims it has achieved a world first as a carbon-positive beauty brand, gaining endorsement from environmentalist Dr Jane Goodall. The brand has now released a ‘beauty blueprint’ on its achievements for other brands to follow.

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Beauty brands to create environmental impact scoring system for cosmetics

Major cosmetics companies have announced they will come together to develop an industry-wide environmental impact assessment and scoring system for […]

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Put to the test: The new brightening concealer that’s a true multi-tasker

We put this new skincare-infused, hydrating concealer to the test on its claims to brighten, depuff and perfect.

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What is ‘maskne’ and how does it impact your skin?

With the challenges of recent weeks and the knowledge they can significantly minimise the risk of catching or transmitting the […]

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The top beauty and wellness ingredients for 2022

If you find it hard to keep up with new skincare releases, innovations and must-try ingredients to boost your mental […]

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10 Remedies for dry hair according to the experts

What do we want? Luscious, shiny, healthy hair! When do we want it? Now! Except, quite likely at the moment, […]

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Where to get the pigmentation treatment that’s gaining worldwide buzz

The world’s best-selling depigmentation peel offers remarkable results and it currently comes with an added extra*. Patchy, uneven pigmentation is […]

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