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Nigeria declared Ebola-free by W.H.O

A statement released by the World Health Organisation has de... more

Four reasons you should be buying red papaya and yellow papaw

Great to eat all year around, we have decided to compile a l... more

Uncovering the genome of the house fly may help understand disease in humans

Scientists have mapped the genome of the common house fly an... more

‘Mummy’s eyes are broken’: Kim Batten on being a blind mother of two

A white cane is Kim Batten's most prized possession. It gave... more

Sleep deprivation makes us immoral

Got a big decision to make? Make sure you get plenty of slee... more

Can broccoli curb symptoms of autism?

Researchers have found that broccoli could bring us a step c... more

How not to catch Ebola

Worried about Ebola? We take a look at the facts or how you ... more

Frozen faecal capsules help stop gut infection

Capsules containing frozen faecal matter could help clear up... more

Medical breakthrough could lead to diabetes cure

Scientists are one step closer to finding a cure for type 1 ... more

Carolyn’s Workout Diary: Shoe Clinic

As the Queenstown Marathon looms MiNDFOOD associate editor C... more

Strategies for a stress free Christmas

As Christmas looms ever closer, members of the MiNDFOOD team... more

Neuroticism linked to Alzheimer’s in women

Research is suggesting that neurotic women may be at greater... more


Aiming High at Lake Hawea Station

Home to the finest Merino sheep and purebred Angus cattle in the land, Lake Hawea Station in Queenst...



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Long Chim’s Fourth Birthday Festivities


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Play Reading of Roger Hall’s ‘Spreading Out’


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Outback by the Sea Festival


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Gin Palooza


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Auckland Restaurant Month 2020


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Geoff Lindsay’s Crab Club at Lamaro’s Hotel


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