Coffee Table DIY: Add a personal touch to your home

Creating your own coffee table can be a rewarding DIY project that adds a personal touch to your home decor. Here's a basic guide on how to make your own coffee table....

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The bigger our cities get, the more difficult it can become to stay in touch with nature. But you don’t have to have a national park on your doorstep as there’s something magical about filling a room with greenery; and we’re not just talking about their capacity to purify the air. Just find an area in your home with a smattering of natural light and let your imagination (and the greenery) go wild with some simple ideas.

If you have a small garden or yard, adding greenery can be challenging. Thankfully, it’s more than possible to create an outdoor haven even if you are restricted by size. We caught up with King Living’s design expert, Sebastian Nash, to discuss how you can make the most of your outdoor living space.