Cheekbones with French chic


Here's how you can get great cheekbones, which are the key to a beautiful and defined face, Dr Sarah Hart blog on MiNDFOOD.

I became fascinated by the latest non-surgical techniques for cheekbones after I witnessed stunning examples, which were created in a mere 30 minutes, at a recent appearance medicine conference in Sydney. Palm Clinic director Dr John Barrett has just returned from France, where he trained with the creator of the aforementioned cheekbone technique, Dr Sandrine Seban; and he is bringing this new technique to Auckland.

So how does it work? We use rounded needles called cannulas to place Voluma filler under the skin and create cheekbones with minimal chance of bruising. Voluma is made from hyaluranon, a natural sugar gel which is already found in our skin to keep it smooth and hydrated, but which reduces as we age.

Restoring the cheekbones with injectable fillers like Voluma forms the basis of the ‘liquid face lift’.  Research has found the triangular shape formed by the cheeks and chin defines a beautiful face shape for women. Men’s faces that are considered attractive are more rectangular, with a square, wider chin.

As we age, both the bones of the skull and the pads of fat under the cheeks shrink, leaving the skin to sag like a deflated balloon. The traditional surgical antidote was to pull the skin towards the hairline and cut off the excess – the classic face lift. But this doesn’t always make people look younger. Sometimes the results are unnatural, even grotesque. The skin might not sag any more but it can look too tight and stretched.

The non-surgical option of volumising – using dermal filler to replace the missing fat and bone – pushes the cheeks up and creates a youthful heart-shaped face. Wrinkles are reduced as the excess skin is taken up by the new smoother contours of the face. This is the youthful look you can see today on such famous faces as Demi Moore and Liz Hurley.

And volumising is not just for the celebrities – it can be an option for anyone who wants to regain some youthful freshness. We’re getting great feedback from clients.

I’ve tried Voluma cheekbones myself and I’m very happy with the results. Check out my before-and-after images and get more details on Palm Clinic’s website:


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