Create a home that perfectly balances comfort, style and timeless design

If you are wanting the interior of your home to exude style and sophistication through exquisite taste in exclusive furniture, drapery, blinds, lighting and wallpaper – Trenzseater has the look for you.

The New Zealand-based, internationally renowned interior design company has a large portfolio of renowned International & New Zealand boutique brands that it represents and distributes exclusively in New Zealand. In addition, it’s design team can tailor specialised interior design services for those seeking professional, sound advice on the development of their interiors on their residential or commercial property, both internationally and within New Zealand.

Whatever your project may involve, you will benefit from the outstanding expertise of our professional interior design team across a range of disciplines. Presenting the very best in all design elements for your project will ensure you achieve a truly unique and exceptional result. This approach has earned Trenzseater a renowned reputation within the industry for detailing some of the finest residential and commercial properties.

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13 timeless kitchen designs to inspire

Browse the Kitchens By Design Lookbook and be inspired to give your kitchen a timeless makeover.

With more than 70 years of experience and over 60 design awards between them, the team of designers at Auckland’s Kitchens By Design has their own individual style, and are passionate about creating the ultimate lifestyle space for your home.

They share 13 inspired kitchen designs that will have you wanting to remake your own:

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